A Word on Adoption

A completely off-topic entry today, but I read something today that really got my goat. I was on some forums which were discussing the subject of adoption, and there seemed to be some people (luckily a minority) who seemed to have got it into their heads that adoption was ONLY for people who couldn’t have biological children (infertile couples, gay couples, single parents, etc). Bullshit. There’s so many children out there that need adopting, and yet there’s people out there who would still try to force a couple to have biological children, even if they’ve decided that adopting is for them. Why? Are biological children superior to non-biological children? My background may have some standing in my opinion on this, after, in a family with so many divorces and new marriages (often adding vastly to my family tree :P) and indeed adoption (within my step-family) there’s no room for dividing biological from non-biological. It was never an issue to me, I don’t love my step-brothers less than my biological brother and sister, I don’t even distinguish, I call them my brothers, all the same (the only exception being that I don’t call my two step-mums ‘Mum,’ – my mother will always be the woman who raised me, and did a damn good job of it, regardless of her biological relationship to me). Hell, if you can only love blood-relations, then surely that argument would mean that husbands and wives/girlfriends and boyfriends (or various other combinations) cannot possibly love each other as much as their biological families as, after all, they’re not blood-related.

But even that skates over the issue that there’s so many children in need of loving families, and there’s people out there that would limit their chances of finding one. I think the line should be that for the most part, adoption is not about finding children for parents, but finding parents for children. Fantastic that a couple should get the child they desire, but this is more about finding a home for a child that needs it. How anyone can be against this is beyond me. Always nice to remind ourselves that people with this kind of idiocy remain in the minority, there may be hope for the human race yet :P.


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I'm someone with little experience with sex or BDSM, however I would like to explore these areas and try to overcome any negative feelings I have towards them. I want to be comfortable with my own skin and also understand what different aspects in these areas mean to others.

One response to “A Word on Adoption”

  1. kyttyn says :

    As a child who spent thier whole life in the foster care system, never being adopted, I knew I would adopt.

    I love your post.

    I am the proud adoptive parent of two children, because i WANTED to adopt.

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