GP Appointment

Finally dragged my arse to the GP on Thursday. We talked a bit and she gave me a questionnaire to fill out for Tuesday (only took two minutes so they already have it). She mentioned anti-depressants and suggested that I try counselling once they’d started to kick in. We discussed the usual mood things like eating healthily and getting exercise, which I try to do anyway (3 times a week at the gym at least, and I just try to keep active and on my feet during the day in general, although it’s been challenging recently as I’ve felt so exhausted). She also said that I should only do work for uni if it’s absolutely necessary – I think I’d rather try and keep up with my extra work though, otherwise I’ll just have a stressful period later where I’m trying to catch up with everything. Plus it keeps me busy so I’m not meandering about getting myself in an even gloomier mood.


Hopefully we’ll get stuff sorted on Tuesday, and then after that appointment, I can cheer myself up with a lecture on Leonardo Da Vinci that they’re holding at the university (Dundee is currently holding some of his drawings in one of its museums) – should be interesting. Also looking forward to hopefully getting to see Mary & Max and Dredd at the cinema – love the former and been wanting to see the latter for ages. I tried going out yesterday with my friends, but instead of cheering me up my mood just dropped a bit when I found myself not quite enjoying it as much as I usually would, so I came home early. Alcohol’s also out for the moment, but it’s not as though I drink much anyway so I doubt I’ll miss it all that much. Feel like I’m having to tiptoe around myself with everything all the time though :/


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I'm someone with little experience with sex or BDSM, however I would like to explore these areas and try to overcome any negative feelings I have towards them. I want to be comfortable with my own skin and also understand what different aspects in these areas mean to others.

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