An Angry Rant and Trying Out Pain

I just read something that’s made me absolutely FURIOUS. Normally when this happens I try to explain myself that just because something happening to me would make me angry, it’s not necessarily the same for others, and so my anger’s unjustified. Well that doesn’t apply here; seriously it’s the pure stupidity of people! Basically the story involved tying someone up and throwing them into a pool – how absolutely moronic can you be? Yes, they only left her down there for 20 seconds before giving her air – but that 20 seconds is plenty time for her to panic, to possibly gulp in a lung-full of water (even a tiny bit which wouldn’t kill you can later lead to inspiration pneumonia – this can even happen whilst drinking water and accidently breathing a bit in. Normally avoiding by coughing up said water, but that’s obviously not gonna happen underwater) or even faint (if they panic). Yes both are unlikely, but the fact that they’re can happen AT ALL is enough.  Even if they’d just given some warning that yes, she was going to be underwater would completely bypass these risks, but somehow felt ‘take a breath’ was sufficient. How can people be so idiotic? Quite frankly (even without the danger of fucking drowning) I would have broken every bone in the idiots body for trying that on me – although that’s a personal response, I’m sure anyone who took five minutes to know me would have to be beyond stupid to think that would be the sort of thing I’d want. But it’s just so, so stupid! And how could they safeword? It could be possible that these particular people don’t partake in safewords (or some sort of equivalent gesture), but again, at least in something as dangerous as this – not necessarily in all cases – that’s just so fucking brainless!

*Deep breath*

Okay rant over – and onto what I was actually going to write about before I read that ridiculous thing.

I finally decided that was curious enough about how pain would feel in a sexual setting that I’d give it a go. I tried a bit of spanking, and then using a ruler – and I have to say that it felt good, but it hardly felt painful at all. Even when I was hitting quite hard (or at least what I thought was hard, that opinion could vary) I only got a tiny sting maybe on the insides of my legs and nowhere else. Either I’m not as wimpy as I thought I was or I’m too much of a wuss to be hitting hard enough (could be the old survival reflex coming in, the one that stops you chomping through your finger like a carrot even if you think you’re biting down hard). But it definitely wasn’t anything unpleasant and definitely makes me want to try it out with someone else in the future (probably someone who’s do it properly haha). At the very least a bit of whacking doesn’t seem so scary, but only experience will tell how much pain that extends to.


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About buhocurioso

I'm someone with little experience with sex or BDSM, however I would like to explore these areas and try to overcome any negative feelings I have towards them. I want to be comfortable with my own skin and also understand what different aspects in these areas mean to others.

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